jerod dobry
Jerod Dobry is a National Award-winning watercolorist with his work once displayed in the U.S. Capitol Building amongst art created by world-renowned artists. The fundamentals in art is the backbone of the various forms of creative endeavors he pursues. It all begins with an idea β€” then pencil to paper is the first step of bringing the idea to life. That process is applicable in creating works of fine art, inventing and brand design.
Dobry's professional career began as a designer in an Innovation & Design department, working with major national consumer brands across a wide variety of product categories. Ideation was part of the think tank in creating packaging and sustainable solutions for those consumer brands. That creative mindset led to exploring technology and developing, with intellectual property cited by the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, Dell, Hewlett Packard and Facebook β€” amongst many others.
Dobry's also a National Award-winning brand / package designer who provided various capacities of creative support to top consumer brands. VP of Marketing of one of the worlds most iconic brands remarked on Dobry's brand identity and graphic / package design work: β€œThe best I have seen. This is primarily the result of the graphics work done. I could not believe the art was developed by a supplier! Congratulations!”